ganondorf stone With many of the Zelda games the final boss occurs in different forms. In Windwaker you fight three forms before going up against Ganondorf’s human form, but is that really a requirement or can the final boss fight be entertaining without all the different transformations? Click on the jump to find out more.

Honestly while I do enjoy the different forms and what unique challenges they each have to offer in a final fight I wouldn’t mind seeing a few games where the final boss actually stays the same the whole time. I think the thing that makes each transformation interesting is that each one has a unique method of dealing with it but I don’t see why that can’t be achieved without changing the boss’s form.
Some of my favorite fights have been up against Ganondorf’s human form. My personal favorite is in Twilight Princess where he has a variety of moves to use against him which makes him a much more formidable opponent. I liked how you had to chase him down on horseback and then fight him on the ground afterwards and I think this is how a final boss fight can be done without transformations. If you change the scenario in which the fight is taking place I think you can add the same effect of a fight with multiple variables. Would I recommend this for all future Zelda games, definitely not, but I see this as an option for future ones to change how things are done.

So what do you think? Are final forms a requirement or are there ways around that? Let us know in the comments below.

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