Untitled-300x150Zelda is notorious for the consistently amazing soundtracks to come out of each new entry to the series. To celebrate this, a hit symphony with shows worldwide is still going strong, and of course, fans regularly release remixes, custom renditions, and Zelda-inspired original songs. The sounds of Zelda are quite influential, but it is the personal stories that show it. We would like to hear how the series’ music has effected you, your life, and your view of the series itself. Today, though, there is good reason to share your thoughts!

We recently offered an exclusive preview of Scarlet Moon Records’ newest album, Prescription For Sleep: Game Music Lullabies Volume II, and today, we are giving away free download codes for the album to two lucky responders to this discussion!

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As a kid, I was intent on beating my GBA port of A Link to the Past, my favorite game at the time, and one I got enragingly stuck on at many points. The day I finally did, I was taken aback by the amazing ending theme, and especially the credits music. I would regularly replay the Ganon fight simply for a chance to hear them all over again. Years later, when I got The Wind Waker, I was amazed that the music got even more impressive. Every title leaves a real impression with an epic, well-fitting soundtrack that anyone could listen to and instantly trigger memories of a great adventure.

homepageLogoWhen I had the privilege of seeing the Symphony of the Goddesses show in Montreal, my memories were in high gear, and I was stunned at hearing the A Link to the Past credits theme played live. To see that our beloved action adventure series has come so far as to have such amazing orchestral performances is heartwarming, and I don’t think anything but the series’ soundtracks could trigger such powerful nostalgia trips. I can’t wait to see the show again this may.

logo_2009-450x219Nowadays, fan covers of Zelda songs flood YouTube, and several music-based sites, everyday, and they are just as magical as the original in-game tunes. Everything from your simple but charming keyboard or vocal covers, to big-budget projects like Zelda Reorchestrated’s Twilight Symphony; Zelda will never stop inspiring people musically, and as new titles like Zelda Wii U come out, it is exciting to see the impact of new soundtracks.

Let us know your thoughts! What is favorite Zelda song, or your favorite fan cover? Have you been to a Symphony of the Goddesses concert? How has the series’ music effected you? Drop a comment below by 2:00pm EST on Friday, May 8th, and you might win an awesome free album!

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