YouTube Pianist PL511 has become rather famous for their beautiful video game remixes and other piano songs. Covering music from numerous series including Zelda, Halo, Pokémon, and Kingdom Hearts, they have never failed to make music that is truly gorgeous.

Recently, after over half a year without any Zelda covers, Pl511 has graced us with another Zelda medley – and it could be one of their best yet. Titled “Zelda’s Lament,” this wonderful tune combines many favorite tunes from throughout the series including “Zelda’s Lullaby,” “The Song of Healing,” “The Legendary Hero,” and even Midna’s and Fi’s laments. It is definitely worth checking out, so take the jump to give it a listen!

I have always loved the music of the Zelda series, and quite honestly it is many of the quieter songs like these that appeal to me the most. Pl511 has taken five of my absolute favorites and combined them into a collective whole that sounds beautiful and perfect. Honestly, the only gripe I could come up with is that it never leaves the quiet tempo the whole song uses . . . and is that really a bad thing?

How do you like this song? Do you think Pl511’s cover brings out the best in these themes, or is there something they could have done better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: YouTube

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