Nintendo fanatic heylistenitsjess from Tumblr recently posted a gold NES dedicated to the Legend of Zelda franchise, complete with NES controllers. Equally impressive, the fine folks at Crystal Icing created an “iced” Nintendo Wii with the Twilight Princess cover art on one side and the Hylian crest on the other. Crystal Icing uses Swarovski Crystal to decorate accessories, and they did an especially fantastic job on the Wii. Although the NES and Wii were decorated differently, they are both amazing homages to one of the greatest franchises ever made. Make the jump to view these spectacular blinged out consoles!

Check it out! This custom Zelda NES has a Triforce printed on the front. It also comes with two appropriately colored controllers, all styled to the theme of Zelda. It must be noted that this particular NES looks very slick, unlike the standard chunky NES. This truly is a highly fashionable NES… too bad we can’t own one.

And from Crystal Icing, here are two different perspectives of a beautiful Wii console encrusted with Swarovski Crystals. Clearly the creator painstakingly recreated the Twilight Princess cover art and even added a Legend of Zelda logo on the bottom of the Wii.

Below is the Wii seen from the other side. It features the all-too-familiar Hylian crest that we fans have become well-acquainted with. The Legend of Zelda logo is also on this side, but the simplicity of the crest is a stark contrast to the more complex design on the opposite face of the Wii. It seems as if the creator had quite an affinity for Twilight Princess.

What do you think? Do you like these impressive custom consoles? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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