GliterBerri has started a series of in-depth articles in which she analyses interesting elements from the beta of The Wind Waker and The Wind Waker proper. In the first part of these, she takes it upon herself to look upon the different versions of its map as it has shifted throughout time, to try and see what elements have changed and how, and what elements have made the cut to the final version. Her point, she says, is trying to ascertain what features that didn’t make the cut could be reused by Nintendo in future installments, as they have done in the past. One such example is the gold-hinged treasure chest that was set to appear in Ocarina of Time, and that we didn’t get until Twilight Princess.

Could the appearance of a strange dragon in the map to our left be a hint to some feature we’ll see in Zelda U? Could the postal mail route be reused in future installments with a much deeper meaning? Some details that have been left off of the final product certainly look thought provoking and suspicious! If you want to find out what GliterBerri’s thoughts and theories on Dragon Roost Island are, make sure to subscribe to her Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook accounts.

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