GlitterBerri is a good friend of Zelda Dungeon and she has made notable contributions over the last several months to the online Zelda community. This came in the form of online translations of the Hyrule Historia encyclopedia that was released in late 2011. Well, it looks like here hard work is being rewarded as she was featured in the February 2012 issue of Nintendo Gamer Magazine! Formally known as NGamer magazine, the issue highlights GlitterBerri’s translation of the Skyward Sword Prequel Manga, along with the translation of the Zelda Timeline.

Within the issue of the magazine GlitterBerri talks briefly about the translation process and questions how it effects the casual and hardcore Zelda audience. Overall though, she has great things to say about Zelda Manga and encourages fans to check out the Akira Himekawa manga. You can make the jump to see the scanned page with this information.

(Click image to view the full size scan)

I personally think it’s awesome that she was able to get featured in such a prominent Nintendo Magazine. Sure it’s nice to get featured at online websites, or in one-off articles at other fan websites, but getting your websites name in such a large publication is pretty awesome for any fan website. Amongst the Zelda community, several websites have been mentioned in some of the major Nintendo publications, but Zelda Dungeon unfortunately has not quite received that honor. It’s something to shoot for, right?

There are other goodies from this months Nintendo Gamer Magazine and we’ll likely have scans up in the coming days. You can check out the official Nintendo Gamer website for information on how to purchase this particular issue and subscribe to the UK based magazine.

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