The Sanctuary theme from A Link To The Past has always stood out to me as a notably odd piece of music in Zelda history. Link reaches the Sanctuary after escaping through Hyrule Castle’s sewers with Zelda, which is one of the game’s first narrative turning points. Despite the peaceful sounding name of the building, the musical theme does little to encourage those feelings. The theme instead feels deeply foreboding and suspenseful, seeming to testify to the long trials that await Link throughout his journey.

This cello cover by CelloBassett does an excellent job of capturing the tone of the song as it originally appeared in 1992, despite a drastic change in instrumentation/sound. In fact, the rich sounds of the cello come together to create an effectively sinister and suspenseful mood. This song is another example of how versatile the cello is, as it can be used in very bombastic, spirited melodies, but also fit perfectly in darker, more moody pieces. It’s up the musician and composer to decide how to utilize the instrument’s versatility and gifts.

What do you think of this arrangement of the Sanctuary? Let us know in the comments below!

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