Ghost Recon: Online is a game being released for Wii U next year that is a full on multiplayer experience. It looks pretty good, and if the PC release of it is anything to go off of, it may likely be a “free” game. The PC version is being released as a free experience. Ubisoft has stated that they are presently in discussions with Nintendo in terms of releasing this game free, as naturally it would be required as a downloadable game then through the Wii U’s online system.

Everyone will be happy to note that during the Nintendo 3rd Party Developers conference, Ubisoft showed off a very in depth friends list feature as well as an “online” account function, which featured an “always online” type interface. This does mean friend codes are completely dead (thank god). However, they were unable to comment if the accounts are indeed console wide.

Nintendo has yet to announce anything really about the online “network” they claim to have (you know, in saying they have what everyone else has). But, this is the first “real” confirmation we have that there is definitely something new to the online experience. The game features achievements and the like, and if I had to put money on it, I would bet the account itself is a system wide account. I mean, in all practicality it has to be right? If not, then Nintendo has failed at online yet again.

The game features an online match making system, as well as a way to start up and join games with friends on your friends list. Sounds familiar to Xbox Live right? Sure does to me. I look forward to when Nintendo finally announces the full extent of their online capabilities for Wii U.

Oh and in a passing mention, Assassin’s Creed is on it’s way to the console. It’s in very early development and no one has any idea if it’s a new unique and exclusive IP, or simply a vastly upgraded version of an existing and/or future game. However, Ubisoft sounded extremely excited about the possibilities. Oh, they also stated their present engine for the game on other consoles runs perfectly on the Wii U, so you wont be seeing any sort of downgrade in any fashion.

Stay tuned for our hands on impressions of Ghost Recon: Online in the coming days.

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