Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

In the immortal words of Slim Shady: “Guess who’s back? Back again.”

Yes indeed, after an extended absence, the weekly podcast returns to Zelda Dungeon to bring you the latest in Zelda thoughts, reactions, discussions, shenanigans, and so much more! Join Savannah Gault, Taylor Wells, and myself every week as launch The Champions’ Cast!

This week, we say hello, and let the readers get to know us a little bit by answering questions from the Ice Breaker Mailbag! Which Zelda character would be the best WWE Champion, our favorite Zelda YouTube personalities, why is Link’s Awakening not looked back on as a ‘dark’ Zelda game and so much more!

We’re so happy to be bringing back the show, and hope you guys stick with us for the ride! The Champions’ Cast – Episode I is available now on Podbean and iTunes! If there’s another format you’re wanting, let us know – we’re listening!

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