As a convention artist, I understand the devastation so many artists are feeling this year. With most shows cancelled, there’s a lot of uncertainty for artists. One of my absolute favorite aspects of selling at conventions is the opportunity to explore. A robust Artist’s Alley is like walking through a dream. I get to meet new artists, hopefully forge friendships, and pick up plenty of art to take home with me! Sadly, with no shows to look forward to, I am left to dream. Thankfully, with a rich color palette and masterful use of light, artist Mimimaru’s work is a balm for the soul.

If you closely follow Linktober, you might recognize some of Mimimaru’s work from previous years. She also takes part in other drawing challenges throughout the year. Most recently, she completed the Sailor Moon re-draw that took Twitter by storm last month. No matter what she sits down to work on, you’re guaranteed to see a spectacular image filled with light.

A personal favorite is her take on Zelda in her priestess garb from Breath of the Wild. She has a lovely, content smile on her face. The brilliant blue sky above her is only accentuated by the slight rose blush of cloud surrounding the figure. While not Zelda themed, I also suggest taking a gander at her rendition of Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle. This scene takes inspiration from classical romantic paintings and is quite the sight to behold!

Like most artists she has a presence on multiple platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. While likes and views are always wonderful for an artist, if you’d like to pick up her work for your home, you can visit her shop here.

Source: MimimaruArt

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