Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Okami is one of the best games inspired by The Legend of Zelda series. Clover Studio’s epic adventure even has an incredible soundtrack that matches anything found in the best Zelda games. One of Okami‘s best songs is “Reset,” which is plated at a pivotal moment in the game’s long story.

The emotional resonance of the tune makes it a powerful song for those who have played the game. However, it is also a well-crafted and memorable enough score to be enjoyed by those who haven’t played Okami yet. Musician David Erick Ramos creates a wonderful rendition of the song using an ocarina and guitar.

“Reset” is a song that starts softly, then grows into a powerful and stirring melody. Ramos smartly allows the ocarina to take center stage for the early moments of the score, giving the music a quiet, yet haunting introduction. As the tune continues, Ramos adds in the guitar, which serves as support for the main ocarina melody. This adds volume and power to the song. And bit later in the cover, the elements meld together to create a fitting rendition of one of Okami‘s best scores.

If you want more information about Okami, click here to learn about its Nintendo Switch release.

What do you think of this ocarina and guitar cover?  Will you check out any more of David Erick Ramos’ work? Let us know in the comments below!

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