While dressing up and trick-or-treating is certainly a highlight of many folks’ Halloween festivities, nothing appeals to me more than settling in for a cozy night inside watching scary movies or playing spooky games at the end of every October. But here’s the thing: I’m hopelessly terrible at maintaining my composure while playing most horror games, so inevitably I have to hand the controller to my partner or watch a good Let’s Play to get the right experience.

Right in time, it seems a fantastic new Halloween-themed Breath of the Wild fan mod has become available that may just combine the perfect amount of holiday fright with treasured elements of my favorite Zelda game. Created by Waikuteru and Sockpoppet, the new fan-made DLC The Halloween Hunt highlights familiar Breath of the Wild gathering and fighting mechanics and locations like Korok Forest and Lost Woods with an all-new quest. The Halloween Hunt is teeming with cursed pumpkins, Halloween-themed enemies, and a truly frightening spectre.

We’ve covered some amazing content coming out of the Breath of the Wild modding community this year, the most recent of which include a fun split-screen multiplayer mod, a flying mod, and Waikuteru’s own fan-made DLC Doors of Doom.

Waikuteru’s video showcasing the mod takes the viewer on a sample ride through the whole experience, from answering the call to action to pursuing the ingredients for Cursed Pumpkin Stew. The story culminates in an ethereal and thrilling final boss battle. I found myself absolutely adoring all the added elements of the mod, including a special set of Reaper weapons for defeating the terrifying Ghost Rider and a set of vampire-themed clothes so Link can really embrace the Halloween spirit. I get the feeling that there are more hidden secrets to the mod that weren’t shown in Waikuteru’s brief playthrough that curious players are bound to enjoy.

The Halloween Hunt for Wii U is currently available for download right here, with the mod for the Switch currently in progress. You can support the creators of this Halloween-themed fan-made DLC by following Waikuteru on their YouTube, Discord, Patreon, and GameBanana accounts, and by following Sockpoppet on their YouTube, Patreon, and GameBanana accounts, respectively.

What do you think of Waikuteru and Sockpoppet’s fan-made DLC The Halloween Hunt? What other holiday-themed Zelda mods have you enjoyed playing or watching? Let us know down below!

Source: GameBanana (via Waikuteru)

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