Link’s beloved childhood home in Ocarina of Time is the lush Kokiri Forest. Protected by the Great Deku Tree and populated by perpetual children, this locale does not appear in any other Zelda game — at least not in the same state. So what happened in each timeline to render this place either nonexistent or seriously altered? Youtube’s Dr. Wily investigated exactly that, and shared his findings in a recent video.

First covered is the Downfall Timeline, where Link is defeated in Ocarina of Time and Ganon rules the land until he is sealed away by Zelda and the Sages at an undetermined point. Kokiri Forest is not present in A Link to the Past, so Dr.Wily surmises Ganon killed the Deku Tree Sprout thus leaving the forest unprotected. It was then taken over by monsters and shrubbery until it just became an extended area of the Lost Woods.

In the Child Timeline, Link warns the royal family of Ganon’s plan and after a conflict Ganon is sealed away in the Twilight Realm. No Lost Woods, Deku Tree, or Kokiri Forest are expressly present in Twilight Princess, however Ordon Village and Faron Woods are a close substitute. He concludes that Ordon is likely what the Kokiri Forest turned into as it matches up location-wise, and that the Forest Temple is the Great Deku Tree’s remains being that the doors within it bear the Kokiri Symbol.

And the Adult Timeline is the easiest to examine, since the Great Deku Tree appears in The Wind Waker. It’s likely this tree is the Deku Tree Sprout from Ocarina of Time, which would make the Forest Haven what became of Kokiri Forest (since the original forest would be deep beneath the sea) and make the Koroks what became of the Kokiri.

Do you disagree with any of Dr. Wily’s conclusions? Share your own thoughts on the fate of Kokiri Forest in the comments!

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