It’s been an exciting day for the backers of Kickstarter project The Legend’s Cookbook. Alongside their latest project update, backers finally received the long-awaited digital version of the cookbook itself. Available for backers to download in PDF version, this culinary guide is sure to leave mouths watering — especially because it’s jam packed with images of your favorite Zelda-inspired dishes!

Project leader, Peter J. Abreu, aims to make cooking an adventure and does just that by filling his cookbook with good food, charming illustrations, and imaginative recipes. So, if you’re a fan of Breath of the Wild, you’re bound to feel adventurous after checking out what The Legends Cookbook has in store! Heat things up with some Spicy Pepper Steak and enjoy the enticing aromas of the seasoning as you cook.  Or treat yourself to a personal favorite of mine, and enjoy Energizing Honey Candy. It’s sure to leave you wanting more! And if you’re twenty one years or older, refresh yourself with a Noble Pursuit; it’s the perfect Gerudo-themed drink!

Each recipe within The Legend’s Cookbook is carefully laid out for would-be chefs. Everything from measurements, to utensils, to common cooking terms is explained in the guide. So, even if you’re a beginner, you should be able to find your way around these culinary creations! And enjoy your experience further with the awesome Zelda-themed artwork that accompanies each recipe.

If you weren’t quick enough to back The Legend’s Cookbook Kickstarter, don’t fret. Peter J. Abreu is happy to confirm that a pre-sale of the sought-after cookbook is due very soon. And with the book going to print, you can expect the physical copy to be available around late April/early May. Stay tuned to the project’s Twitter account for more information.

Another exciting venture that came with the project’s latest update is that the cookbook team have decided to take part in Kickstarter’s Make 100 event. This smaller project is offering backers special enamel pins, extra recipes, and a green Hero’s Apron. With a limit of only 100 rewards, but a possibility for stretch goals, backers might want to move quickly! Check out Golden Skullspatulas and the Hero’s Apron to get involved.

Have you tried out any recipes from The Legend’s Cookbook?  And what do you plan on cooking next?  Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Kickstarter and Pwnapplez

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