The latest trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom may not have been out for long, but that isn’t stopping fans from already getting creative with it.

From YouTube’s Jackarte comes a Nintendo 64-style “demake” of the new Tears of the Kingdom trailer. This isn’t Jackarte’s first go-round with demakes, and it shows. The graphical work certainly looks the part, but Link’s wonky movements, truly representative of a game from that era, are what really stand out. The aspect ratio and shading alterations are also a great touch that help to set it apart from the real deal. To truly appreciate Jackarte’s work in this project, check out their comparison video here.

Jackarte’s other projects include demakes of games like Fallout and Resident Evil Village, so check out their other work if what you see here catches your interest.

I really appreciate the effort put into this, especially with the aspect ratio and Link’s appearance and movements. Even the wall art, which isn’t a rendering of jagged polygons and blurry designs, is given a vintage touch with the darker lighting, flickering lights, and lower resolution.

Does this demake trailer make you feel nostalgic? Do you want to see more demake content of The Legend of Zelda? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Jackarte

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