With Hallow’s Eve’ just around the corner, why not fly your crimson coloured loftwing over to pumpkin landing, enjoying the autumn breeze all the while, to eventually settle down at the Lumpy Pumpkin with your warm, freshly made pumpkin soup. Yes, the time of orange, yellow, and red coloured leaves, windy evenings, and a night full of redead, keese and especially candy (not “Candy”) is once again upon us!

Before you bust out your copies of Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess though, be sure you get your creativity flowing and try your hand at carving some Zelda inspired pumpkins. People have been at it for a while already, creating some incredibly detailed etchings, all following a common theme of Zelda! Be sure to check them all out in the gallery below!

Are there any you guys like specifically? Have you made any of your own already? Furthermore, are you planning anything special this Halloween, and if so, what? Also, we’d love to see any Zelda related Halloween costumes you might have made! Show us or let us know in the comments down below!

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