Nes_Remix_for_Wii_U,_and_Nes_Remix_for_3DSDuring the Nintendo Direct today, we got some interesting news about Ultimate NES Remix – the NES Remix port for the 3DS. Apparently, if you purchase either the digital or physical copy of Ultimate NES Remix, you’ll get a free Famicom-inspired 3DS theme. It even has Link and Ganon in it! You can check it out after the jump!

The Famicom 3DS Theme looks gorgeous, with memorable iconic characters in the background, and a design that sets off your nostalgia. Characters included are: Link, Ganon, Mario, Pit, the Ice Climbers, Donkey Kong and more! You can check it out below:



Purchasing a physical, or digital copy of Ultimate NES Remix will score you this free theme along with this great game.

Ultimate NES Remix hits store shelves and the Nintendo eShop, on December 5th.

Source: IGN