Last month, we reported that a nifty Majora’s Mask light was announced as a Club Nintendo reward for European fans. While some were excited about this physical item hitting the soon-to-close Club Nintendo, others were skeptical of the light’s quality. For those hoping to get a closer look at this Majora’s Mask light in action, Pug Hoof Gaming on YouTube has released a full unboxing video for the reward.

The Majora’s Mask light is approximately 12cm tall by 12cm wide, emitting an orange glow when switched on. As Pug Hoof Gaming points out, the light itself is a bit small, but still proves itself as a really cool item when the eyes start to glow. Club Nintendo hadn’t shown off the light in action, so seeing it lit up in the video was quite a treat.

The reward is currently available at Club Nintendo EU for 6,000 stars. Club Nintendo is set to close in June, so I recommend you cash in soon if you’d like to get your hands on this Majora’s Mask light. There is still no word as to if the light will be available in other regions like North America. For now, I’ll just have to continue feeling envious that European fans get all the awesome physical rewards.

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