Some say this has been a long time coming, but sometimes it takes time away to clear the mind to fully grasp what has been going on. Skyward Sword has brought lots of excitement to both me and many others at this site, and there is always the fleeting pipe dream of wishing it all would just go away. Those regular viewers of this site know what I am referring too.

In the days leading up to E3, we posted some “confirmed rumors” that we staked our reputation on being true. I wont bore you with all the evidence we presented back then, you can read it yourself here. Some have wondered if there was more to the story, mostly because Damir and myself said there was information we were not telling you. The truth of the matter is what we told you is all the evidence we had. There was nothing more, other than some fleeting names that I can’t recall, and the names are of no circumstance because the rumors were entirely made up.

Shortly after posting the “confirmed” post (like, within 48 hours), we were contacted by the originating source via email with a full admittance of the rumors not being true. I am not sure this actually would come as a surprise to anyone. At that exact moment I should of made a retraction post, admit our mistake in trusting our source, and move on with our lives. However, pride, greed, and fleeting hope got in the way.

We continued to carry on the lies after getting the email, and defending them to their core in the comment section after we already knew they were no longer true. On top of that, after revealing them as false (or simply waiting till E3 revealed that to be the case) I made a half assed apology post of which I planned to do better after we were done with the E3 coverage, but there was too much distaste to not get something up. Still, it matters little.

The bottom line is this: We knowingly lied after finding out the rumors were made up because we hated the fact we were wrong. We were disgusted with ourselves, and had a fleeting hope that maybe, just maybe, the guy was covering his bases. Fact remains, we believed false information, got burned, and just had a very hard time admitting we were wrong.

I am deeply sorry for having done this to so many people. Lying, covering it up, being stubborn about it, changing stories 50 times. I can promise you we will never lie to you in that manner again at ZI, and that we will be more careful before “confirming” any sort of “news” related post. This means strict word from Nintendo alone. I am sorry it came to this. I am sorry we dragged this out. I am sorry we have upset so many people with our lies, and not having the ability to just come clean about it. Fact remains we made a terrible error, and failed to take the right course at every turn. Hopefully this can give people some sort of piece of mind.

I am sorry if this post isn’t as smooth as my previous comment remarks have been, and isn’t perfect. After all, I made this post at like, 4am central. Yeah I know, excuses, excuses. I’m sick of making them. Seriously, I’m sorry folks. If this happens again, I will quit.

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