Tomorrow, March 25th 2009, Satoru Iwata will be giving a keynote speech

for Nintendo between 9am and 10am PST. So, what is the importance of

this event? Well with the large gap in any new Zelda news of any value

for what seems like forever, there is always a chance that the new

Zelda title could finally be unvailed.

header_main.jpgWait, so what sort of observations could lead to tomorrow possibly being an important day for us ‘Zelda’ fans? Usually every year we sort of sit on our hands until E3 rolls around, hoping that we might get a Zelda glimpse. Over the years, this seems to have been the show (in E3) that Nintendo has chosen to reveal many of it’s hardcore titles. Well, last year, that changed and the change is still in effect, at least according to Shigeru Myiamoto. Bozon, an IGN reporter, had a chance to sit down with Myiamoto at last years E3 and this is what transpired:

Bozon: ‘I posted this in another thread, but thought I’d share in case people missed it.

Since so many “hardcore” Ninty fans are worried about the state of Wii

right now, I asked Miyamoto why we were seeing so many casual games at

this year’s E3.

Miyamoto said I was dead on with Nintendo’s philosophy of Nintendo and

E3. I asked if the company backed away from hardcore games specifically

and on purpose, showing only casual titles since they had the world’s

ear, and would leave Fatal Frame and other hardcore games to focus

“away from E3” from now on.

He confirmed that’s the case.

So yeah, this was a pretty depressing E3 for hardcore Nintendo fans,

but Nintendo is doing exactly what it wants to right now, which is

spend 100% of its time on casual games. E3 is Nintendo’s casual show

now more than ever. The hardcore games – as long as they are truly out

there – will come away from E3 from now on. At least that’s Miyamoto’s

take on the event.’

You need to be an IGN Insider to read the full story, but the gist of it is right there. So, Nintendo will no longer be using E3 to annouce hardcore titles, but will use it as a more “casual” focused convention. That means they will need to make there hardcore gaming annoucements at other events. GDC 2009 could be considered one of those events. Lets make a list here of why tomorrow could be important.

– E3 is no longer where Zelda will be annouced, making an annoucement at GDC much more likely then before.
– There has been an unsualy long dry spell in information on the next Zelda title.
– Other major titles, such as Gears of War 2 and LittleBigPlanet have been annouced at GDC to be coming out this fall, so if other developers are using GDC to make annoucements it’s likely Nintendo will as well.
– GDC has been voted the most important gaming conference of the year according to Game

Ok, so this is all speculation and most likely an attempt to build up false hope – but the new title has to be annouced at some point and there really is not much of a reason that tomorrow could not be that point in time. We shall see soon enough folks. Lets just hope if it is annouced we don’t see something like this:

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