Ganon: Overused And Abused

Hey guys! So this video discussion is all about Ganon. Specifically problems with him in some of the games. As I mention in the video, this is not a video of complaints about Ganon himself, but rather how he is treated and implemented in the stories and events of the games themselves.

This video (and this will likely become common for discussion videos) is shorter than is typical for me and hopefully a little extra fun. I think this is a better format for the discussion videos as opposed to the mailbags. Be sure to tell me if you agree or if I’m way off. You are the viewers after all!

Anyway, if you like, see if you can guess the songs playing. Also, what do you think of Ganon as a character? How about how he’s appeared in the games thus far? And what about Skyward Sword. Do you think Ganon will be in it? Tell me in the comments below!

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