E3 is getting so close now, and the media is predicting things all over the place. This time around Nintendojo brings a feature called “Green Switch Palace: The Trials & Titillations of E3 ‘11”. It’s “An impromptu panel of gaming heavyweights on Nintendo’s E3 presser.” They have a lot of different things to say ranging from whether the vitality sensor will appear, to believing that the codename “Café” has been changed, right through to saying Nintendo will focus mostly on 3DS and Wii games, with a brief announcement of Café.

This is what Craig Harris, a former IGN staffer, had to say. Check out the source link below for the full predictions.

40 percent to the 3DS, 40 percent to how Nintendo is going to sustain the Wii market for the next year (i.e., updates on Nintendo Selects, maybe a new system color/bundle, possibly a “remember this?” Vitality Sensor reveal). Then move into the new Nintendo strategy of getting gamers back on the couch and socializing. And then show off Cafe. Don’t expect a huge focus – remember when Revolution was revealed on-stage, it was a “look how tiny this thing is!” announcement. Café (a project name I’m told has already been internally abandoned for another) will be similar. “Here’s our controller idea, or at least most of it. Tune in next year. Now talk amongst yourselves.”

Source: Nintendojo (via GoNintendo)

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