GameXplain releases Maiamai guide

020-Recently, GameXplain has released a detailed video guide of how to get all the Maiamais, a creature in which Link can find through out all of A Link Between Worlds. The guide is very detailed, and contains two main components to help you. There is the actual footage of the narrator finding all of the Maiamais, and the in game map, so that if you have a hard time finding the location from just the footage and the commentary, you can see its definite location on the map.

The video is a bit lengthy as expected, a full 22 minutes, but it is worth the watch if you are interested in completing the quest. Hit the jump to see the video for yourself!

I find the video guide a great guide if you are willing to spend the time finding all the Maiamais to complete the game, and even if you want to find a few to get an item upgrade. But let me know what you guys think! Is it worth the watch? Do you find it helpful? Are you interested in finding all 100 Maimais? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

Source: Youtube

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