The Game Awards dropped a bomb on Zelda fans with new gameplay footage of Zelda U. We already have two articles detailing our thoughts on the new footage: Nate put together a great article on Zelda U’s potential relation to Skyward Sword in the timeline, and I offered an analysis on what the footage tells us about how the new Zelda game might play. The wonderful crew at GameXplain has also weighed in with their thoughts on the footage with one of their Discussion videos.

They cover just about everything you can imagine out of this footage: the fears that many fans share about the open world and emptiness, the focus on archery, the possible timeline connections, its graphics, gameplay, and release date, among other things. Check out the video above for a very detailed discussion on all these topics, and then weigh in below with your thoughts on the new footage.

Is there anything you noticed that no one else has commented on yet? Do you agree or disagree with the points made in the video?

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