hqdefaultNow that Derrick of GameXplain has fully completed A Link Between Worlds, he’s started answering general questions from fans about what the 3DS title entails. Without going too in-depth about specific details of the game, he explains as best as he can some of game details.

If you have some questions about A Link Between Worlds there’s a good chance it’s answered in this video. Hit the jump to watch!

It’s quite a long 30 minutes of answering questions, especially with the repeating footage, but Derrick does a great job explaining almost all of the questions. Some, of course, he cannot divulge the answer because Nintendo doesn’t want too many things to be spoiled, but certainly all of my questions and more were sufficiently answered.

So far, A Link Between Worlds definitely seems to be a great candidate for one of the best Zelda titles to date. There have been almost no negative thoughts about it. GameXplain’s full review of A Link Between Worlds debuts on Wednesday, so we’ll be sure to check that out when it’s published!

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