gametrailersGameTrailers has released another episode of their Trailer Academy series, and this time around, they analyze what made Twilight Princess‘ debut trailer so awesome. If you have seen the reaction of the crowd at the 2004 E3 Expo after seeing the trailer, you really cannot argue that it was one of Zelda’s biggest reveals, but why? What were people so excited about?

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It’s no doubt that after The Wind Waker’s reveal in 2001, fans were waiting for Nintendo to throw together something graphically awesome, and the Twilight Princess trailer certainly hit home in that sense. And GameTrailers is right; the entire scene of a realistic Link riding towards an army on horseback with sword in hand was beyond awesome. Skyward Sword had a very large reaction at E3 2010, with its 1:1 sword control reveal, but it is hard to honestly say that it beat Twilight Princess. We can only hope that Zelda Wii U’s reveal is just as fantastic.

Did you burst into mind-blown cheers after seeing Twilight Princess‘ debut? Let us know in the comments!

Source: GameTrailers

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