A new series at GameTrailers is brewing and it is unlike anything we’re used to. In “Timeline”, GameTrailers will be examining various video game series and how the stories in-game all come together, and what franchise better to start with than The Legend of Zelda, whose timeline has been more debated and theorized over than any other video game? If you’re interested in more about this legendary first episode of what should be a great series, hit the jump!

This is the trailer for the first episode, which features the Legend of Zelda series. Different from what the rest of the episodes will contain, the Zelda episode will be in two parts; the first part is the in-game narrative and will be precisely what the players are able to experience, the second part is unique to Zelda because we have an official timeline and GameTrailers will be examining why the official timeline is put together as it is.

What makes this episode even more special is that the producers of this series reached out to the Zelda community, where timeline theorists are plentiful, to verify information. Maybe some of you even helped out on this!

Though episodes in this this GameTrailers series will be released longer apart than their usual series, we’ve been assured that the production quality will be higher than their usual content. This first episode on Zelda should be no exception, and fortunately for us is coming very soon, on November 29th! If you’re curious for more information about this project, you can watch an earlier teaser video and a GameTrailers article with more details.

Overall, I’m excited for this to launch because I can’t wait to see GameTrailers’ take on the Zelda franchise–all of the narratives conglomerated and made sense of. If you’re excited for this, or if you actually helped on this, tell us in the comments below!

Source: GameTrailers

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