One of the longest running video series on game-enthusiast website GameTrailers is their GT Retrospectives series. In this series, they look back at classic games of the past and explore their impact on the gaming world. After almost a year hiatus, GameTrailers has finally announced the next featured game in the GT Retrospectives series. Just in time for Majora’s Mask 3D‘s release, GameTrailers will soon focus on the original Majora’s Mask as a way to kick off their retooled retrospective format.

The Majora’s Mask retrospective will be GameTrailers’ first episode in the series since May 2014. The website admitted that production of these retrospectives has slowed because they no longer have the resources to produce them in a large, multi-episode format. However, GameTrailers’ announced that the Majora’s Mask episode will begin a series of shorter, but more in-depth retrospectives of individual games. This new series format is expected to follow a monthly release schedule.

By only focusing on one game in a given retrospective video, GameTrailers should be able to devote more time to in-depth discussion. Not much is known about the upcoming Majora’s Mask episode, but it will most likely explore the circumstances of the game’s release, its unique take on the Zelda series, and its impact over the last 15 years. This new episode will follow a series of other Zelda GT Retrospectives from 2006.

Are you excited for GameTrailers’ new Majora’s Mask retrospective? What do you want them to focus on in the episode? Let us know.

Source: GameTrailers

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