Much like your save file, this image will come back to haunt you. Earlier today Gamestop refused to take in trades of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D due to it’s weird save system. However, they soon changed their tune after Capcom had a stern talking to with them. I originally reported on the awful saving system that was implemented in the game, and that it greatly affected used sales of it in Japan. What I find interesting is how quickly Gamestop changed their tune. Capcom denies the fact that the save system was put in as a way to deter people from buying it used. The excuse they give is that they want players to just try and beat their own scores over and over again, which sounds like a load of crap to me.

Not sure what Capcom said to Gamestop to change their tune. Obviously something was wrong for Gamestop to not want to take in a game for trade in. Seriously, whats the first thing they ask you? Aside from the power up card nonsense. “Oh hey bro, come back and trade in your games!”, this may also take place after they harass you to pre-order a game you don’t give a rat’s ass about. My guess is that they knew people wouldn’t want to buy a game that they couldn’t play from the beginning themselves. Hell, GameFly currently doesn’t have the game up for rent because of the lack of fun it’ll offer the next player.

It’s not like they threatened to not let their game be sold at GS, that’d just be stupid. Everybody and their mother goes there to get games. Believe me, when I worked there people would bring their entire families inside just to buy a game. How I loathed it. But enough about me. My only guess is that they’re going to try to market the idea of the new player trying to beat the old player’s scores in the used version, but where’s the fun in that? My favorite thing to do in a game is to get new stuff to play with, earning that new weapon, or skill.

I really hope that other 3DS developers don’t get the bright idea to have only one undying save file in their games. Just imagine how much faster a flash card for the 3DS would come out, cause nothing says “go to hell!” to a developer like pirating their software. Could you imagine if Nintendo ever did that with Zelda? I think I’d have to go punch Iwata right in his face, after taking down Reggie of course. Some of you may have to come help me with that.

So what do you all think about this nonsense? Do you buy Capcom’s BS explanation of why they implemented this god awful save system? Have you bought the game? Planning on trading it in? Someone once suggested using a magnet. Effin’ magnets, how do they work? Leave some love in the comments.

Source: IGN

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