With pre-orders for the Majora’s Mask Link Nendoroid figures popping up across the online shopping world, GameStop has decided to throw its hat into the ring as well. The figures are now available for pre-order on GameStop’s website at the price of $46.99, plus shipping. Another exciting bit of news is, according to GameStop’s website, the figures will be released on March 15th. For more details about the pre-order listing and pictures of the Nendoroid figure, hit the jump!

Though GameStop lists the figure’s release as March 15th, The Good Smile Company that is manufacturing them has yet to confirm a date of release. Additionally, no product details are listed on GameStop’s website, though it is probably safe to assume that the figure will still come with two facial expressions, four masks, Tatl, the Kokiri Sword, the Hero’s Shield, a potion and the Bunny Hood. Also worth noting, the product is listed on Play-Asia at $39.99 rather than $46.99, but shipping costs may even out that price difference.


Have you pre-ordered your Nendoroid yet? If not, will you order it from GameStop? Do you trust the March 15th release date, or do you think this date is a placeholder? Let us know in the comments!

Source: My Nintendo News

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