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GameStop Officially Sells Out of Nintendo Switch Stock - Zelda Dungeon

While it hasn’t been too difficult to get a Nintendo Switch pre-order in the last few days, it could become increasingly more difficult to do so at some point this week on forward in the United States, as the biggest video game retail chain, GameStop, has officially sold out of all of it’s allocated stock via pre-orders. Senior Vice President of Merchandising, Bud Puzon, had this to say about being sold out:

“The fact that this initial allotment has been completely reserved in a matter of a few days demonstrates gamers desire for this fun and revolutionary gaming system. We’re working closely with Nintendo to get additional Nintendo Switch units, and will let our customers know when they become available. We encourage customers to visit and sign up to be get updates about the product and availability.”

With GameStop now sold out, other retailers could quickly see whatever stock allotment they have been given run out as well. Several other online only retailers such as Amazon are also sold out. It’s easy to compare this to the NES Classic Edition situation, but that’s probably an unfair assessment as it’s less about what is there day one, and more about how quickly restocks occur. Typically at launch, there is a restock that arrives a few days later.

Nintendo setup their factories so that they would have roughly 2 million units of the Nintendo Switch available throughout the first month of the system’s life worldwide. That’s a pretty lofty number in that of itself, given that would be over half of the sales the Wii U accumulated during it’s best year on the market.

There is still a lot of energy and buzz surrounding the Nintendo Switch, as media members have been giving some pretty glowing praise after going hands on. We’ll see if this translates into consistent sales post launch week.

Source: GameStop PR

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