Most people know already that games like Halo, Assassin’s Creed and a few others are having midnight launches at Gamestop. They are popular game series and due to their popularity they get to have one. But what about Skyward Sword? Doesn’t it get one? According to this video posted by a youtube user called zerox17, Skyward Sword isn’t going to have a midnight launch or at least in his area it isn’t.

Jump inside to see the video for yourself.

The actual part where the video starts is about 42 seconds in.

According to the employees of this Gamestop the reason behind Skyward Sword not having a launch is because that the game didn’t have enough pre-orders. They also mentioned that it’s up to the managers of the stores to decide whether or not to have one. The reason behind them choosing to have one or not would be whether or not their store got enough pre-orders to consider having a midnight launch. Keep in mind though that the video is from mid-October, so take this with a grain of salt; some stores may have changed their minds with the recent increase in pre-orders.

I’m hoping that Gamestop does decide to have a midnight launch or at least have some of them consider having one. It’s a popular game that deserves to have that chance of getting a midnight launch. I’m pretty sure a lot of fans agree with that statement and wish Gamestop would have a midnight launch. What do you guys think? Should Gamestop have a midnight launch for Skyward Sword? Please tell us in the comments below and stay tuned for more Zelda news!

Source: Youtube

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