After learning that the Link and Zelda costume DLC would be retailer exclusive at launch for Hyrule Warriors we have patiently been waiting to see what retailers would get what. We now know at least what two popular video game retailers will have and it paints a rather clear picture of what we can expect from at least one other retailer in the future. GameStop has updated their website to include the pre-order bonus and they likely just increased the focus of pre-orders to them for the time being.

In addition, Amazon in Canada has updated to include the Twilight Princess pack:

This means that the pre-order bonuses are going to work based on individual game costume sets, which sets up at least one other retailer to partake and offer Skyward Sword DLC. I honestly have never been a huge fan of retailer exclusive DLC, but traditionally Dynasty Warriors offers this stuff later for purchase making it more of a timed exclusive. Despite getting a press copy I am going to be pre-ordering the game anyways just to get one of the sets. The question that remains is… what set will I pick up?

Source: GameStop, Amazon

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