Wii U and GameSpotGameSpot has released another interview video on their site. Tune in with Giancarlo, Tom, and Ricardo on their thoughts of Nintedo’s announcement of the Wii U at E3 2011. They ask and speak about topics such as Nintendo’s action in reinventing the wheel with the new tablet controller. We have already discussed many of these questions, but it’s never harmful to get other’s opinions on the matter. They point out ideas on getting attention for the console, as well as how to keep gamers after the initial launch.

Tom is a Mario and Zelda fan!

That comment aside, I can agree with many points these two bring up. I’m excited for the new Wii U console, but I’m not sure what exactly is coming onto it. It’s still early, but a few confirmed titles would be calming. I already own a 360 and a ps3, so they need to be able to beat the other consoles in content with some major games. Just having the menu assortment in the tablet isn’t enough when all I have to do is press a button on a controller. I don’t think a few different characters would keep everybody on board either. I wouldn’t mind a new game exclusively for the Wii U. Mario or Zelda(I would love this) games are always welcome, but a whole new game that isn’t built up from a past release would be refreshing.

That being said, I am really excited for the console. I hope it doesn’t play hot and cold like Ricardo points out. I’m already saving up some money from my jobs to possibly get one during launch. Yes, it’s early, but I have bills to pay!

What do you think about this aftermath video? Opinions on their views, as well as your own are acceptable, of course.

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