So the Accelerometer and the 3D apparently don’t work too well together yet, but individually they are excellent. It’s an interesting dynamic that their is problems with the use together, but it sounds like it’s more so that the software developers did not take into context the change in visual perspective when you actually have to move the 3DS. I am sure this will change as developers get more familiar with the hardware capabilities. Still, nice to see multiple perspectives here. While two of the gamespot guys are clearly getting the 3DS right away, it’s neat seeing a “skeptic” in there who may not be getting it right away but will wait for a price drop in late 2012.

I am surprised they didn’t bring up the short battery life, but honestly I think it was to be expected. As our recent poll shows, over 90% of our viewers are not deterred by the battery life, thus making it not be as big of an issue as it was initially blown up to be. The poll has now been closed, so you can look forward to a new poll later today.

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