reggie_i_dunno-1-1.jpgA demo of the latest Zelda adventure, Spirit Tracks, was playable at a recent German game conference entitled Gamescom. One

would think that this demo would be bringing something new to the

table, possibly show a new feature of the game, or let the the people

there explore new areas of the game, but remember: this is Nintendo we are

talking about here.

The demo was the exact same one that was on display months ago at E3, meaning we have no new information at all.

So, then why am I reporting on it? Because, loyal readers: IGN gave it a second time around review.

I suppose the good news is that even though it was the same thing, IGN still had a great time on their second playthrough. So, to all you thinking Spirit Tracks is going to be the same exact game as Phantom Hourglass, perhaps you’re wrong. They did have a small concern with the train riding, however, feeling it may get tedious after several hours of play.

But who didn’t see that one coming?

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