Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity fans got a treat during Koei Tecmo’s live presentation at Tokyo Game Show 2021, as gameplay footage of character duo Purah & Robbie was shown off for the first time. Purah & Robbie were announced as inclusions to the game’s playable roster during September’s Nintendo Direct, with their debut taking place in the game’s upcoming DLC expansion Guardian of Remembrance.

During this morning’s presentation, fans received a taste of what it will be like to battle with the sister-brother pair. As a duo fighter, Purah & Robbie are sure to add some spice to gameplay. Using Ancient Technology in the form of robotic, axe-wielding arms, Robbie cuts enemies down with ease. Purah meanwhile provides support from behind, using gadgets to send powerful spheres into her foes, release magnificent beams of light, and perform other tech-based attacks. The gameplay footage featured took place on a new stage inspired by¬†Breath of the Wild‘s Kakariko Village, which has been announced as part of the upcoming DLC’s new story content.

As confirmed during last month’s Direct, there is still one additional playable character yet to be announced for Guardian of Remembrance. Speculation is rife that Astor or Sooga may take to the battlefield in the game. Personally, I think both characters would make an excellent duo fighter!

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity‘s next wave of DLC, Guardian of Remembrance, releases on October 29th.

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Source: Koei Tecmo

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