GameOver Jesse: DLC in Zelda Wii U?

maxresdefaultYouTuber GameOver Jesse has put together another Zelda WiiU discussion, this time with the help of some friends. With the help of M. Productions, RMFH, NintendoBox, Champion Ashley, & Hylian Bandicoots, he examines the possibilities of downloadable content being used for Zelda Wii U. What kind of extra content could be included? Would the DLC be worth buying? Does DLC risk the ame coming out incomplete?

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I’ll avoid the obvious debate of whether the DLC would be free or not, as that is up in the air, and obviously I hope that any added content would be free, like in Tri Force Heroes. I am always thinking more about what DLC would lead to on a technical level. Imagine if, back in the day, downloadable content were a thing. On the N64, Ocarina of Time released after the developers had removed a lot of content – enough for the old URA Restoration fan project to have almost released on the scale of a full game. If DLC was possible then, perhaps they could have added in those unused quests and cut dungeons later on, after they had been completed (if the N64 could handle the added content, of course). Nowadays, they could easily add things in later.

Granted, most, if not all, quests and dungeons in Zelda titles are directly tied to the plot or that main adventure, so adding in things like dungeons later might not work perfectly. On the other hand, Zelda Wii U is an open-world game that could very well have optional dungeons, like the 2013 Tomb Raider game had. Hyrule Warriors even had additional DLC quests that work alongside the main story. This seems to be the fine line of hte DLC question: what is worth the money, and what could actually work in Zelda context?

What do you guys think? Would you like to see DLC in Zelda Wii U? What kind of extra content do you think could be added? Drop a comment!

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