E3 is just a few days away, and a lot of big things are expected from

Nintendo. In fact, some would go as far as to say Nintendo needs

something big to really remind the game world that the Wii is not

dying, and that Nintendo is still the king. Sure, we’ll hear about

sales figures, and how Nintendo still controls the market and is making

a piss load of money, but what consumers want to here is that we will

be seeing some good quality games. Namely, a blockbuster hit such as

the highly anticipated announcement of the first full blown Wii Zelda


As you can see, Gametrailers.com is highly anticipating a Wii Zelda announcement, so much so it made #3 on their list. Obviously, it’s #1 on mine, but the hype train is getting started. Let’s go Nintendo, you need this Zelda title now more than you may realize.

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