game informerYeah, I know: it’s another one of those list things, but do you really think I’d be interrupting the current Spirit Tracks insanity just to bring you a boring one? Never that. Game Informer has at last hit their 200th issue, a feat especially impressive in a time where the Internets have all but obliterated all forms of media-related journalism. Way back in August of 2001, long before ZI had even considered becoming a site, they celebrated their 100th issue by creating a list of the top 100 games of all time. Naturally, you’re probably thinking Ocarina of Time nabbed the top spot, but you’re oh so wrong—it didn’t even hit the top 10. So what is number one?

The Legend of Zelda. Yeah, the first one.

“To music that no one can forget, players take the role of Link, and guide him on his quest to find the pieces of the Tri-Force, defeat the evil Ganon, and rescue the princess Zelda. On this unforgettable adventure, one travels an incredibly huge overworld, explores nine labyrinthine dungeons, earns new weapons, and discovers secret areas aplenty. Gameplay alone made Zelda addicting, but the way Miyamoto structured the world caused people to play it ravenously. You could see items and new areas on the edge of the screen, yet you could not get to them. Obtaining access to these things drove interest in the game from high to obsessive. Most pleasantly surprising of all, once the game is beaten, an entirely different and more difficult quest opens up. The Legend of Zelda is the ubiquitous experience of video games – it’s not a question of if you’ve played it, but how much. Perfect in every conceivable way, it is well-deserving of the top honor amongst the greats.”

We’ll hit you with their updated list sometime next week, so be on the lookout for that. Until then, check their old list here.

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