Tingle is CreepyGame Informer carries a lot of similarities to ZeldaInformer. We have a very similar name, for example. They pride themselves by “informing” the fans on gaming news, very similar to what we do around here. They report on Zelda news, we report on Zelda news. They write Zelda related articles now and then, we write Zelda related articles now and then. The major difference? We think Tingle is sexy.

We are well touted for our tingle love here, but lets step back and look at the reasoning Game Informer had for Tingle being… well… creepy.

The Pros

• Rosy cheeks and smiling eyes

• Assumedly punctual

• Family man

• Travels in a balloon

• Owns an island

The Cons

• Middle-aged man in a unitard

• Red underoos

• Resembles a toddler with facial hair

• Fairies don’t even like him

• Has done hard time

• Money hungry

If you ask me, I don’t see a single issue with any of the cons. Last I checked wearing a unitard, having fairies dislike you, wanting a lot of money, and doing time is part of the American way. Seems perfectly normal to me and I dare say some of those features are even a turn on for the ladies. Don’t worry Tingle, I got your back in this one.

Check out the entire Creepy or Cute list at Game Informer.

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