Blake Snow of FoxNews Online speculates that the next generation of gaming consoles will be the last. Fox News is not new to the concept of declaring very established technology as “dead”. In fact, they declared other related technology as dead this past January. The technology they targeted in that article was none other than the desktop PC. This is just one example of the many things that Fox News and other news stations declare to be over.

Blake Snow’s article starts off like this:

The end is near—for game consoles, anyway.

He probably thought he was being witty, thinking of such a controversial opening for an article, but it’s easy to see through it. However, we do have to appreciate that he was generous enough to take time out of its day to interview a real live avid gamer, and we all know how hard those are to find these days! According to this article, “avid gamer” Mark Armond actually confessed to playing more games on his iPhone than his Wii or XBOX 360.

Okay, so he’s an Apple fan, and the Wii has not had any decent releases in the past few months. That doesn’t really prove anything, Fox. To give Mark some credit, he does bring up the point of game costs, which are getting a bit too high in recent years ($65 USD is a bit much for a CD). Blake also points out that Mark Ormond does not speak for everyone. You see, there are gaming fanatics (Ormond is after all, only an avid gamer, not the real deal) who play for a “shocking” 10 hours or more a week, who disagree and are more than willing to pay the price for consoles.

Exasperated after having to speak to so many gamers, Blake decides to interview Michael Pachter, gaming analyst. Michael Pachter believes that the future of games is in the cloud. He speaks of a new era in which we no longer own physical copies of our games, but store everything digitally. Do not fret, though, gaming fans. I sincerely doubt gaming will move to the cloud any time soon. Even Nintendo disagrees with them. The director of public relations for Nintendo says,

Consoles display the biggest screen in the house. No other gaming device can match their impact. No other type of gaming brings people together the same way.

This is the last thing the article tells you. After that, it gives a short description of Blake Snow himself, stating that Blake “used to play a lot more games”, but then he started a family. If you’d like to read the article, just click here.

We’re curious of what you guys think, though. Are consoles really dead or dying? Do you see yourself playing the next Zelda game on the iOS? Would you rather buy a tablet or an iPhone instead of a new gaming console? Let us know in the comments below.

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