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Artwork: Instruction ManualArtwork from the Legend of Zelda instruction manual.
6 100
Artwork: Tips and TacticsArtwork from the Tips and Tactics expanded Instruction Manual
5 79
Artwork: Famicom Disk SystemArtwork from the Famicom Disk System Instruction Manual
6 134
Artwork: Million PublishingArtwork from the Million Publishing Japanese Strategy Guide.
6 102
Artwork: Dai Nippon PrintingArtwork from the Japanese Dai Nippon Printing Strategy Guides
5 68
Artwork: OtherArtwork of The Legend of Zelda from various sources
Manual ScansImage scans from the official player manuals.
7 246
Strategy GuidesImages from various strategy guides made for Legend of Zelda.
4 391
SpritesImages of the sprites from Legend of Zelda.
6 0
ScreenshotsCollection of in-game screenshots and ending screenshots.
2 209
MapsOverworld and Dungeon Maps for both quests.
1 0
PackagingBox artwork, different cartridges, and more.
1 0
Manga/ComicsJapanese Manga released for the game.
1 0