Popular YouTube game theorist and presenter of cultural and historical facts represented in the gaming world, Gaijin Goombah, recently attempted to end the debate on Zelda 2D vs. 3D. As with any debate, there are some extremists on either side who swear that their opinion is correct and some who prefer one style but wholeheartedly accept the other. I tend to fall into the latter category but know a number of people who claim that there is only one “true” way to play Zelda. However, it’s never really been about the graphics when it comes to the argument of 2D vs. 3D, which is why Gaijin Goombah starts the episode explaining what each side actually represents: exploration vs. story telling.

Instead of giving a report on what he said, I’ll let Gaijin Goombah speak for himself. You can check out his viewpoint in the video above. I will say that I agree with him, for the most part. I’ve always felt that there are no bad

Zelda games, but there are not any perfect ones either. It really is just a matter of preference. One person may play the game to challenge themselves, so they crave the tests of wits and combat. Another person may be looking to discover a story with deep characters in a rich world, growing attached and seeking to save the princess and her kingdom more than simply “beat the game”. That’s what makes the series so legendary; every player can take from Zelda whatever they will and have their own unique experience. So how is it possible for us to debate over something that is, for all intents and purposes, our own?

What do you think of G.G.’s viewpoint? Maybe you have your own opinion and would like to share. Do you agree that

Zelda U may finally hold the potential to bring gameplay, story, and exploration together into the “perfect” Zelda game? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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