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Although it is our news coverage that has won us awards over the past years, articles is what Zelda Informer is truly known for and is predominantly about. The original site was based around our now-retired writing group, ‘The Bombers’, and modern-day ZI is based around what we’ve come to call ‘casual articles’. So what can you expect in the future from ZI in regards to articles? Well, the ability to write your own or suggest ideas, and something that’s pretty close to the return of the Bombers, although not quite. Check out the full details below.

A feature that we’ve had for a while now is the Article submission Forum, where you can write your own articles and submit them for the possibility of them appearing on the main page. To date we’ve had three fan articles released, with another to come very soon. So if you have your own ideas that you want to share – either Zelda, Nintendo or even gaming related – write the piece and submit it on the forums. Experienced ZI writers such as myself can help you develop the piece and get it ready for the main site.

Unfortunately, sometimes people have great ideas, but they just can’t convey them in writing for a number of reasons. Well never fear, because we are open to suggestions for future articles. We are far from short of our own ideas, but it is true that some of the better pieces that I’ve written have been ideas suggested to me by others. So if you have an idea, or a concept, that you’d like someone from ZI to explore and write about, don’t be shy suggesting them. We may even work with you to write the article. If you’re interested, you can either comment below, send me an e-mail or contact myself (Melchizedek), Nathan or Alex (Seran Aileron) on the forums via private message.

Lastly, something that has been very apparent in our community for about the last year is just how many people miss The Bombers. Although the people that made up the Bombers are still writing and contributing to ZI, The Bombers themselves have disbanded, and their well-known in-depth, high-quality, theorizing-oriented style articles are no longer released. Fear not, because although the Bombers are not returning, upcoming articles in the near future would easily have been Bombers releases. What does this mean? Myself and other Bombers writers are currently working on a number of articles – both editorial and theory oriented – that you can expect to see soon. I know that there are significant numbers of old-school ZI viewers who miss this aspect of the site, so it is for you that it is coming back. To our newer viewers who are only familiar with our modern ‘casual articles’, we hope you enjoy the depth to come in future pieces, and I really suggest checking out the archives of the classic Bombers articles.

So in a nutshell, what does the future hold? More input from you, our viewers, more depth and theorizing like the olden days, and more of the short and sweet pieces we currently provide in abundance. Whatever they are, whatever they’re like – we’ll be upholding our four article a week minimum standard that we’ve been providing for months. Read, enjoy and get involved.

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