Some may not like Geoff Keighley and have made fun of him over this interview at other sites, but really he’s doing his job here. The conversion rate of the Japan cost of 3DS titles translates to 70$ US, yet in the states we are supposedly getting the games at “half” of that cost. Sure, the chances of us shelling out 70$ for games is laughable (I may only get 1 or 2 games a year at that point) so naturally we have to have a reduced cost just to make the game viable to sell on the market, but it’s very interesting to see Reggie really downplay the entire thing with some “interesting” logic. Oh, and I’m emailing Nintendo right now to send me one of those Bowser backpacks. I want to look as cool as the Regginator.

The 3DS is indeed an impressive little piece of hardware that I can’t wait to get my hands on, and I appreciate Nintendo’s strategy with their titles. They are trying to space it out so we don’t go through dry spells like we did on the Wii. The 3DS will be available on March 27th.

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