So our local Lets Play man Jarvis has started a new game for our YouTube channel, the underappreciated Four Swords Adventures. He is still continuing The Wind Waker lets play and has gotten up to part 8, but he’ll be doing For Swords Adventures at the same time as well. I think this game has been unfairly overlooked by the general Zelda fan base simply because it’s a 2D game on a console that could support a game as big and vast as Twilight Princess. Honestly, even without playing this game multiplayer style, it’s really unique for Zelda overall and generally a fun game all around. I never understood why people seemed to have not enjoyed it all that much.

I also want to sincerely apologize for our lack of updates yesterday, and possibly lack of updates today. I work on weekends now meaning they are no longer free time for me, and Alex Plant naturally has a full weekend schedule as well. After work today I’ll try to be sure we get some more stuff up, but for now just enjoy our exclusive lets play!

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