We finally have confirmation that Four Swords will release on September 28th and it will include some new goodies. In the trailer above we see a lot of familiar Four Swords areas, but then we see four Links navigating through modified overworlds of the original Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past, and Link’s Awakening. Four Swords will be downloadable for free via Nintendo DSi as well as on the Nintendo 3DS. Jump on forward for some important additional updates!

UPDATE: Not only will Four Swords be free and have a few additional levels… but according to IGN, the game will also have some single player playability! It also seems like were getting a little bit more than were asking for with these Zelda gifts. This maybe due to the fact that Grezzo, the development team behind Ocarina of Time 3DS is behind Four Swords as well.

UPDATE 2: The additional levels, as mentioned above will be based off  The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening and A Link to the Past which you can see in the new trailer above. Information released as of today includes two new areas, each containing three new levels. Completing these levels grants the player with additional skills and rewards.  Also, the Master Sword and Hurricane Spin are said to make an appearance in the game. Beating the ‘Hero’s Trial’ which contains elements from other levels as well as three new maps, will allow you to unlock the Hurricane Spin. Additionally players who beat the ‘Realm of Memories’ which contains famous locations from The Legend of Zelda series, will unlock the Master Sword.

Stay tuned for more information!

Source: Nintendo Everything, GoNintendo

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