So while I’m almost 8 years late, I just recently finally got an opportunity to play through the Legend of Zelda: Four Swords for the Game Boy Advance. As most of you know, the game was packed in with the remake of A Link to the Past and it was the very first multi-player Zelda title. Unfortunately, it was not very accessible to most players as there were numerous hardware hurdles to go through in order to even play the game. For one, unlike its Four Swords Adventures counterpart, the game was unplayable as a single player, and thus, it required anywhere between 2-4 players. However, this meant that at the very least you needed two Game Boy Advances, two copies of Four Swords, a link cable that connected two Game Boy’s, and of course, a second player to play along with you. All these contributed to the game to be very inaccessible, and thus, many Zelda fans have never gotten an opportunity to play it.

However, this all changed just a few weeks back for me. Just two weeks ago, fellow Webmaster of Zelda Dungeon, Caleb Simpson, came out of his igloo in Alaska and traveled to Chicago and stayed with me on vacation for several days. In anticipation for this, I bought a second copy of Four Swords, a second Game Boy Advance, and a link cable, which allowed the two of us to play the game for the very first time. All in all, the experience was rather joyful, but several things could have been improved upon or added to make the game even better. The video below details our impressions of the multi-player aspect of Four Swords, as well as the additions that were added to the A Link to the Past single player experience.

So what do you guys think? How many of you actually had an opportunity to play Four Swords? If you did, did you find it enjoyable? What do you think they could have changed or added to make the experience better? If you haven’t played it, was it because of the hardware hurdles that you needed to overcome? Let us know by posting in the comments below.

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