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In this thread i would like to discuss Zelda WiiU, specifically if it would be a sequel to another zelda game, or a completely new game. and if it will be the E3 tech demo we saw. also the motion controls. we know the controller has a gyroscope, but how can it be like skyward sword?
personally i would like the game to be the first console game to be a sequel to wind waker. or maybe twilight princess.

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Mar 20, 2010
United States
I want to see Majora return. Maybe I'm just dreaming, but Majora's Mask is one of the most popular Zelda games to date. Why not continue the story in Termina?
Dec 4, 2011
I'm an old dog. I'd like to see isometric 3D remakes of the originals. Not 3rd person or anything like that. More like what Phantom Hourglass and Spirits Tracks did with their camera viewpoint. In the cases of the NES originals, they could tweak them a bit to make them a little more user friendly, but keep a "Classic Mode" to where they're basically identical to the originals (aside from better graphics). Imagine playing ALttP with lighting/shading and particle effects. I guess something similar to FSA. Then when you fall down to a lower floor, instead of the fading and you show up falling on the floor below, it just shows the whole fall sequence from one floor to the next. Same with staircases and such.

Then again, I guess Zelda games have enough remakes as it is, and they're already working on a stereoscopic 3D version of ALttP. So aside from that, I'd like to see a prequel to Skyward Sword. Showing the rise of Demise--and Hylia "defeating" him with the help of her then hero. I still think Demise is a fourth "old god" who got shunned for his lust and greed for dominance.
Jul 6, 2011
Completely New

I want something completely new, as if it was a new series (Not really)

I want no connections to other games, maybe just a master sword connection but thats it


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Mar 9, 2010
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Story-wise, I want it to stay away from the typical and predictable formula of "Rather peaceful beginning - minor plot twist - collect three pearl/pendant things - get the Master Sword - major plot twist (something happens to Zelda) - beat more dungeons - face off Ganon". The last console Zelda game that did this differently was Majora's Mask. And before that, AoL. I want totally unpredictable things to happen when you don't expect them at all so you get totally thrown off. I don't even care that much if Zelda or Ganondorf are in the game or not as long as there are other new, fresh and interesting characters.
Gameplay-wise, I want them to continue with the motion controls of SS and refine them even more. No reverting back to button-mashing, leave that to the 3DS where it fits. I don't know how the uTablet(TM) will be used with this, I'm sure they'll come up with something (maybe you'll leave it on the table and have the map/inventory... on it). Of course they'd have to sacrifice that "stream your games to the tablet without using your TV" idea for this game then, but I don't really care for that anyway. And they should some more non-linearity to the game again, like many optional upgrades or (mini)dungeons and have non-linearity in the dungeons themselves again like aLttP had (you could skip half of Misery Mire + keys on optimized runs). This would sacrifice some of the story elements but for me gameplay>>story so that'd be fine with me. Also, have more customizability again! Make all tutorials and cutscenes optional and introduce a difficulty setting that also changes enemy AIs, not only the damage they do. So everyone can play the game according to their Zelda and general gaming experience and not force everyone through the same experience.
Graphics-wise, I want them to go into the direction they showed with the tech-demo and maybe blend some OoT3D in. Not as dark and gritty and hyper-realistic as other games like Skyrim, Dark Souls or MW3 but not as cutesy as TWW or SS. Low-detail cel-shading with anime character styles should be used on the 3DS then, so everyone can be happy


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Sep 17, 2011
Sacred Grove
I want a game between OoT and TP sometime. One pressing question that i have is: did something catastrophic happen to erase castle town where it was in OoT? It would be nice to have some more connection between the two.
Nov 30, 2009
I'm not sure when this game would take place, but i don't want a "Everything is happy, oh hey a turn of events, go save the world" story again.
Since the WiiU can handle HD graphics, I think they'll use an art style similar to TP's, maybe even more realistic, to show it off.

Since this art style could reflect a darker story, i want another gloomy game. Not forced gloom like Twilight Princess, but the kind of gloom we saw in the Ikana region of MM, just accompanied by realistic graphics.

The story im begging for is an almost post-apocalyptic one. Higher has been under the reign of Ganondorf for years, (he think's he's won), before Link is awakened as a hero to defeat him. The land would be torn and tortured. It would be great, saving something with so little hope, restoring some kind of spirit and livening up the land once more. :)


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Jul 6, 2011
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It simply must have Ganondorf, or else I will cry.
I would like a sequel to TP. A 3d remake of LOZ or ALTTP would be nice, but I would like a new story. It will use a wiimote and nunchuck of course for the swordplay. It will not be the Tech demo, but it could look similar. I expect they will want to push the Wii U's graphics to its limits.


Jan 10, 2011
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I just want to see an expansion of what they've started with the Wii Motion Plus along with involving the Wii U controller in some insanely innovative way. In other words, I want the controls to be familiar to Skyward Sword's, but more advanced.
Nov 28, 2011
the Netherlands
The story im begging for is an almost post-apocalyptic one. Higher has been under the reign of Ganondorf for years, (he think's he's won), before Link is awakened as a hero to defeat him. The land would be torn and tortured. It would be great, saving something with so little hope, restoring some kind of spirit and livening up the land once more. :)

That's actually not a bad idea at all. Something like the second part of Oot, but then worse, because in Oot towns like Kakariko didnt look like it was really tormented under Ganon's reign.
The people should have small hope, starving etc. and Link being born as the Hero begins his life like the rest of the Hylians and want to 'free' his people from Ganon.
+ I'd like to revisit old placed we've seen before in other games, like in TP.

A Link In Time

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I would like for Zelda Wii U to incorporate motion and touch controls in an ingenious way. Maybe the Wii U controller could function as a 1:1 shield. The E3 2012 demo also had some great ideas with the item menu being on the controller's screen, a definite nod to Ocarina of Time 3D. Those Twilight Princess HD graphics must stay. They are simply breathtaking. And after an extremely long hiatus, Ganondorf must return.
Dec 11, 2011
I see a popular opinion on this thread is to bring back Ganondorf. While I agree that Ganon has played a huge part in LoZ, I would love to see a villain whose power seems limitless. Ganon has a few things that are traditional for him, such as turning into a boar and that signature sword of his. I would love to see a completely new villain who, of course, would crave power and and enslave the races of Hyrule. But I would like to see a Zelda game in which, for a good portion in the beginning of the game, you are simply adventuring around. Possibly, Link could want to become a Hylian Knight and the first portion of the game is training and passing different trials, when all of a sudden, Link is thrown into the duty of a knight prematurely, where he must quest for (blank) so he can destroy the evil lord (blank).

I have a notebook labeled "Zeldeas" full of ideas for items, upgrades, dungeons, you name it. I've been brainstorming ideas for a couple months now, just for fun. I must say, not to point out the obvious, but I love Poes. There is such a wide selection of what you can do with them. They are the spirited embodiments of hate. If the new WiiU Zelda goes with a more TP shaded world, I would love to see another dark and mysterious title such as MM. Behold a Zelda game where the plot is thus:

Hyrule is in a state of much disarray, where different clans are having difficulty cooperating with one another. This difficulty soon blossoms into what one can only call hate. Through all of this hate, the four Poe Sisters gain power. They gain so much power, in fact, that they soon find themselves collaborating to revive the evil lord (blank).

This of course is only an idea, but I thought it would be a great way to show LoZ's dark side. Save the happy-go-lucky graphics for the 3DS.
Sep 4, 2011
I keep finding you in threads I look at Golden.Poe, strange ( seriously accidents, not kidding). Yeah, i would like it to be both a sequel to MM and TP where Link goes and is trying to save Termina though I know it MIGHT not happen. I think that they should make it for left handed so they can enjoy the game, it sucks to be them playing SS. It needs Ganon if it isn't what I said above, he needs to bring anger and dreadful feeling for this so it can be epic.

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